Welcome To Our Community

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Pregnancy is the biggest transformation in a person’s life. Use this time to reclaim your health and the wellbeing of your family. Come as you are. Open to ALL People and Mothers. A healthy, full-term baby begins with YOU.  

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  • Doula Care
  • Reproductive Heath
  • Pregnancy & Birth Support
  • Breastfeeding Assistance
  • Nutrition for Healthy Families 
  • Healthcare Advocacy.
  • Sistercare & Love  

Located in your neighborhood and at the Southwest Community Center. 401 South Ave Syracuse NY 13204. Call us- 315-671-5815 or 336-831-5424


Evenings, Appointments & Home Visits Available. Call For Transportation.


The choices we make now and throughout our childbearing year have everything to do with our experiences in birth and as mothers. Patience, acceptance, love, and trust are all elements of success no matter what path we take. With every experience that reveals these virtues, we are given the opportunity to move forward – revived and ready for the next challenge. It is life’s work. This is the story of birth. The transitions of childbirth and motherhood have been shared amongst women for generations. Join us as we continue to honor this tradition of CoMothering.