CoMothering Syracuse is Village Birth International’s  local outreach for reproductive justice. We are committed to reclaiming the health and wellbeing of our families thru self-determination, collective responsibility, and trust in individual wisdom. Located in your neighborhood and at the Southwest Community Center. 401 South Ave Syracuse NY 13204. Call us- 315-671-5815 or 336-831-5424

We are critically conscious of the ways in which race, national identity and economic conditions affect women as they experience the present day maternal health care system

Many families in Syracuse experience medical, economic, and systemic hardships in pregnancy. These hardships are quadrupled for women of African decent, Native families and Latina  women regardless of their income status. Women who are uninsured, families with low income and large populations of refugee women resettled in our community struggle to find adequate information and healthcare that reflects empowered decision making. Not only do we experience disparities in our access to quality prenatal and postpartum care but these circumstances create poor birth outcomes including prematurity, low birth weight, high infant and maternal mortality rates, chronic illness and postpartum depression. These inequalities are life changers for us in our transition to motherhood.   

13100964_1075700239162191_2281881846598918525_nCoMothering is a local partnership to support all women. We are determined to maintain healthy families thru community supported birth, breastfeeding and well-woman care. We should not be limited by
circumstance. Women who are supported will make informed choices in their transition to motherhood. This support should be compassionate and respectful of individual traditions.

We offer a safe, compassionate and loving community to guide families in their prenatal, birth and postpartum experience.                                 



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