Co-mothering CNY is a local partnership with Village Birth International.


img_0916Community engagement plays an integral role in advocating for respectful maternity care. Founded in 2006, VBI has devoted years to examining maternal health models that work and carry a wide-reaching impact on communities. Using the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals as our roadmap, VBI is dedicated to ending preventable maternal and infant morbidity and mortality by increasing health equity and access to humane, respectful, and dignified care.

In the United States, babies born to women of African and Native descent are still dying before their first birthdays at rates four-five times higher than babies born to  mothers of European descent. The infant mortality rate for African American babies in Onondaga County averaged 12.4 and for Latino babies the rate is  averaged at 8.3 deaths per 1,000 births. The reasons for poor outcomes are complex and based on multiple factors. These disparities can be traced to the lack of high quality  health care choices, systemic and institutional racism, limited cultural reciprocity and compentency in the local healthcare industry, English as a second language, transportation,  poverty, education, food desserts, social inequalities and circumstances of urban living. Too many of our babies are also born too small (low birth weight) and too soon (premature). These outcomes are experienced locally, nationally and globally for indigenous populations  worldwide. Our partnership seeks to hightlight the connections of families globally and find community based solutions to improving infant and maternal health.

Humane birth starts with a recognition of our shared humanity. Transformative social movements don’t happen when we operate as individuals in our separate silos. They are born in community and within an awareness that we are all connected, working toward the same vision: a world where every individual, partner, and baby is deeply respected and honored.



Black Mamas Matter Toolkit